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Ms. Robin Stevens

Robin was born in Greensboro, NC, and placed in a foster home at the tender age of 5 months old.  Along with her first cousin, she was later adopted to Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Stevens. Her life was a little difficult at times because she was of a different generation growing up in a Christian home to parents who were 63 years older than she.  Although life seemed to deal her a bad hand at times, Robin was determined to make it.  She attended and graduated from Grimsley High School and went on to major in accounting at Bennett College for Women (Greensboro).  She was told by one of her English instructors at Bennett that she had a gift for writing and should consider pursuing a career in that field but Robin did not have a desire.   

At the age of 27 after a failed marriage to her first love, Robin conceived and bore a son, Michael. From failed relationships, a love for writing was then born.  Robin has been no stranger to abuse. Robin’s life hung by a mere thread, when her former husband attempted to “kill her with his bare hands out of anger”.  She could have lost her very life behind this mistake, but instead she began to write just to have peace of mind.  It was one winter night that God spoke to Robin and told her “to read the scripture about the woman with an issue of blood and then write a modern day play about the same”.  She did as she was told and in two weeks, wrote her first play, “The Woman with an Issue of Blood”.  It was a huge success and Robin has since written 35 plays and directed and produced 7 to date. 

Along with being a playwright, Robin is also a poet.  The International Society of Poets has nominated her “Poet of the Year”.  Her latest poem received the Editor’s Choice Award, along with an invitation to the annual Poetry Conference held in Washington, DC.  Some of her poems have been selected for the Sound of Poetry as well, but Robin keeps on writing, not for glory, but for peace.  Although Robin has been proven as a poet and writer, she is also a songwriter and three of her songs have been selected by Nashville to be produced.  They are currently waiting on “her word” for the go ahead but Robin seems to just be satisfied with her talent. In 2002, Robin wrote a monologue called, “The Cost of Independence” at the request of Gerald Lee Ratliff, Director of Academic Affairs at the University of Potsdam in New York and it was later selected to be discussed in their classrooms.  She was also asked by the director of Hayes Taylor YMCA to be a motivational speaker for a group called, “Young Black Achievers” in the summer of 2004.  She spoke with authority and the director said she had never seen the students pay close attention like they did when Robin spoke. 

Robin hopes to become a motivational speaker one day to broken children and women who need to see that they too can make it if they just put their mind to it. She is a member of Elim Christian Fellowship under the leadership of Pastor Terry E. Warr.  Robin participates on the worship team and is also a part of the finance team.  What is next for this talented servant of God?  Teaching acting and writing workshops, she is also working on her autobiography, “Strength in Darkness”.  It has taken some time, but Robin intends on finishing her book by the summer of 2007.


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